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Oriental Cockroach Pest Control

Calling Sacramento, CA, home is a true privilege. The diversity, vibrancy, and beauty of our city are unmatched. However, with the picturesque nature presence and extreme summer heat come some unwelcomed guests: oriental cockroaches. Fortunately, Apex Pest Solutions has you covered with our guide to oriental cockroach pest control.

Oriental Cockroach Infestation in Sacramento, CA

Time-Honored Pest Protection

Apex Pest Control leads with a commitment to the comfort and safety of our customers. As state-licensed, insured, and bonded pest control technicians, we make it our mission to provide Sacramento, CA, property owners with the gold standard of pest control. Count on our 40 years of experience to achieve unrivaled pest protection for your home.

Sacramento’s Environment: An Oriental Cockroach’s Paradise

Unfortunately for residents, the distinct environment of our city is an oriental cockroach’s paradise. With sprawling lakes, creeks, drains, and intense heat, Sacramento offers the ideal breeding ground for these critters. In addition, the settling ground creates cracks and crevices that serve as shelter below the foundations of homes, sidewalks, and roadways.

What Are Oriental Cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches, also known as Blatta orientalis, water bugs, and black beetles, are a species of cockroach found in Sacramento, CA, and other regions worldwide. These critters prefer temperate areas and excess moisture. They are commonly found in dark, cool, and water-prone areas such as sewers, drains, basements, and crawlspaces.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

Oriental cockroaches can be dark, reddish-brown, or shiny and black. Both males and females have a greasy-looking appearance and are large in size. However, male cockroaches only grow to approximately one inch, with short, three-quarter-length wings. In contrast, females can reach 1 ¼ inch in length and do not have wings.

Oriental Cockroach Behavior

These cockroaches can be hard to detect due to their nocturnal way of life. Oriental cockroaches are active in the nighttime hours and sleep, tucked away in hiding during the day. When mealtime comes, they are scavengers. They will eat virtually any organic matter, from food and garbage scraps to decaying plants.

Oriental Cockroach Reproduction

Oriental cockroaches reproduce quite rapidly due to their unique reproductive process. Females produce egg cases that carry multiple eggs, called oothecae. The female will only carry the oothecae for a short period before placing it in a discreet hiding spot. Once hatched, it can take several months for the eggs to form into full adult cockroaches.

The Dangers of Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are a hazard for Sacramento, CA residents. Although these unpleasant species do not bite, they do pose a significant threat to one’s health and safety. Oriental cockroaches dwell in unsanitary habitats, such as sewer systems. As such, they are prone to tracking harmful parasites, diseases, viruses, and bacteria into the homes they infiltrate.

Oriental Cockroach Extermination in Sacramento, CA

Health & Safety Concerns

Our city’s sewer system is riddled with oriental cockroaches. With the growing number of these damaging insects, homeowners are faced with the health and safety risks of the contaminants, pathogens, and allergens these roaches carry. Oriental cockroaches have been linked to respiratory problems, gastroenteritis, disease-causing microorganisms, and allergic reactions.

Property Damage

Not only are oriental cockroaches harmful to human health, but they can also spark widespread property damage. These insects are notorious for eating through fabric, paper, and even some forms of plastic. They can compromise your belongings, walls, and insulation, resulting in costly repairs, especially when located in basements and crawlspaces.

Fire Hazards

In the same vein as property damage, oriental cockroaches have also been found to chew items that could lead to fire hazards. Without routine inspections and pest control practices, homes are at risk of having electrical wiring and insulation destroyed by these roaches. When this occurs, the risk of fire becomes elevated, posing a risk to your safety.

Identifying Oriental Cockroaches

Now that we understand what we are looking for, it’s important to know where to look for these unfavorable houseguests. Oriental cockroaches prefer moist areas. On a residential property, they will typically make their way to gutters, landscaping beds, and sewer or storm drains during the day.

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation

Apart from visually detecting an oriental cockroach infestation, there are two other key elements to be aware of: egg capsules and odor. If you suspect oriental cockroaches in your home but cannot see or locate them, it’s time to look out for their egg casings and unpleasant, musty odors.

Spotting Egg Capsules

Sightings of oriental cockroach eggs are key indicators of an infestation. The egg capsules of an oriental cockroach range from 8-10 mm in length. These capsules vary in color, from dark brown to reddish-brown. Each egg capsule contains up to 16 eggs, making it imperative to pursue oriental cockroach control before they have the opportunity to develop.

Detecting Oriental Cockroach Odor

Another way to detect oriental cockroaches is by their odor. These insects communicate with each other by secreting chemicals. Fortunately, this also enables homeowners to identify infestations. The chemical secretions have a highly unpleasant, unmistakable, musty odor that will set off alarm bells to call in the professionals when detected.

Reasons for Your Oriental Cockroach Infestation

If you’re dealing with an oriental cockroach infestation, you likely have no idea how it happened. These infestations can be triggered by several different factors, including:

  • High moisture or humidity levels
  • Access to ample garbage, food scraps, and decaying matter
  • Cracks and crevices in your structure
  • Nearby sewer systems
  • Inadequate pest control practices
Oriental Cockroach Pest Control in Sacramento, CA

Preventing Oriental Cockroaches

To mitigate the need to exterminate oriental cockroaches, get proactive about safeguarding your home. As we know, these critters are moisture-prone spaces and hide in small, hidden areas. To prevent them from disrupting your household, we recommend keeping your home as clean as possible, including tidying up your yard and sealing any potential entry points in foundations, doors, and windows.

Declutter Your Home

Oriental cockroaches love a cluttered home. These environments allow them to remain under the radar as they feast on scraps and decaying matter. To avoid this headache, declutter your home to reduce oriental cockroach hiding places. This not only deters their presence but also simplifies the process of recognizing symptoms of an infestation.

Routine Inspections for Oriental Cockroaches Control

Routine inspections are a homeowners’ first line of defense against these hazardous insects. Calling a professional to assess your home thoroughly ensures you are looking in the right places and promptly identifying any symptoms of infestation. This helps you mitigate the spread of infestations to uphold the safety and comfort of your property.

How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

Exterminating oriental cockroaches can be challenging. Adult oriental cockroaches are simple to control with insecticide. However, the real problem lies in their egg capsules. These eggs take up to two months to hatch and cannot be eliminated with insecticide, meaning a one-and-done treatment is impossible for these critters.

Oriental Cockroach Pest Control Options 

To eradicate an oriental cockroach infestation, you will need a strategic approach. It’s important to note that these infestations are difficult to manage and call for the help of experienced professionals. Pest control companies often take a multifaceted extermination process that involves spraying perimeters of the home with insecticide, bait traps, dusters, and insecticide granules.

Insecticide Barriers

Used in exterminating cockroaches and as a prevention tactic, insecticide barriers are a go-to choice. While this technique does not eradicate roaches by itself, it is often a part of an oriental cockroach pest control plan. Insecticide is placed around the perimeter of homes, doors, and entry points to create a cockroach-repellant barrier to shield the property.

Exterminating Oriental Cockroaches With Traps

Boric acid bait stations are used in areas susceptible to oriental cockroach activity, such as garages or around the foundation. This enables you to catch and eliminate these damaging insects before they enter your home. However, it’s important to keep these toxic traps far from children and pets.

Using Dusts for Oriental Cockroaches Control

In addition to traps and insecticide sprays, many exterminators will apply dusts. Insecticidal dusts are fine powders that can be applied to cracks, crevices, and other hard-to-reach areas that cockroaches may claim as their home. These dusts adhere to the roaches’ bodies, killing them off for lasting protection and control.

Choose Professional Oriental Cockroach Pest Control

When it comes to preserving the health and protection of your home, don’t settle. The DIY approach is often ineffective and can leave room for a worsening infestation. Instead, opt for professional pest control service. A technician has the skill to detect, address, and eradicate these insects promptly and efficiently to restore your home.

Oriental Cockroach Extermination With Apex Pest Control

Choose the gold standard of oriental cockroach pest control with Apex Pest Control in Sacramento, CA. With over four decades of experience, our technicians understand the unique nature of these problematic houseguests. With proven extermination techniques, we not only eliminate roaches but protect your home long-term for lasting peace of mind.

Contact Our Oriental Cockroach Removal Specialists

Prioritize the safety, health, and comfort of your Sacramento, CA, home with quality oriental cockroach pest control solutions. Choose Apex Pest Control for a personalized, hands-on approach to exterminating oriental cockroach infestation problems. Contact our team today to schedule your inspection.


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