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Pest Control Flea Extermination

Our pets are part of the family; it is not unusual for them to relax on our carpets or couches or snuggle up close for hugs and affection. While this is to be expected as a pet owner, it’s imperative to be aware of the blood-sucking insects that may take up residence on your cuddly pet, such as fleas.

Apex Pest Control’s Flea Extermination Services

When your pet unintentionally tracks fleas into your home, resulting in an infestation in what seems like no time at all, Apex Pest Control is here to help. Our professionals offer industry-leading pest control flea extermination services that can help you restore peace within your home quickly and efficiently.

Understanding Flea Control

Fleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They are red or brown and very small, making eggs and larvae impossible to detect without magnification and enabling adult fleas to go unnoticed until there is a large infestation.

Flea Pest Control Services in Sacramento

Signs of a Flea Infestation

There are several warning signs that indicate you may have a flea infestation in your home. These unpleasant symptoms include:

  • Seeing fleas on your furniture, carpets, or on or near your pet
  • If your pet is relentlessly itching or licking
  • Small specks on your pet’s fur or tiny red marks
  • Flea bites on you or your family members

How Fleas Enter Your Home

Your pet may bring home an unwanted guest while spending time outdoors, as fleas latch onto pets and burrow beneath their fur against their skin, making their way into your home and laying eggs that fall from your pet to your furniture. Fleas may also creep into your space if your home or yard is cluttered or unsanitary, or through the addition of used furniture.

Causes of Flea Infestations

Once inside your home, fleas have the ability to reproduce at alarming rates, laying up to 50 eggs per day. The entire flea lifecycle lasts approximately 18 days, with a flea lifespan being 30 to 90 days, which permits them to lay as many as 400 eggs during their lifetime and infest your home relatively quickly.

Treating Flea Infestations

You can limit flea infestations by prioritizing the sanitation and cleaning of your home and yard. This includes thoroughly vacuuming floors, carpets, furniture, and bedding. Additionally, it’s essential to treat your pets with preventative flea treatment and flea medications.

However, it’s important to note that while these measures may be helpful, they are not always effective if the flea infestation is severe. When this happens, the help of a reputable pest control flea infestation specialist is required to eliminate the problem with advanced equipment and treatments.

The Flea Removal and Extermination Process

Apex Pest Control’s dedicated team of pest control experts can rid you of your unwanted house guests by offering our industry-leading flea extermination service. We begin by carefully inspecting your home to identify the infested areas. We then treat your home with a pet-safe flea treatment that is both eco-friendly and effective, as it disrupts the flea’s development. Immediately after treatment, you will need to thoroughly vacuum your home for 2-3 days to eliminate any remaining fleas. Our flea removal services are guaranteed, and if your pets bring fleas back into your home in the future, just give us a call!

Choose Sacramento’s Leading Pest Control Specialists

Established in 1978, Apex Pest Control’s locally owned and operated pest control services have secured a reputation for excellence. We are committed to helping our clients achieve peace of mind knowing their home is pest-free. Our professionals are licensed, highly trained, and skilled in an array of pest control services. You can trust our hard work and devotion to keeping your home comfortable.

Schedule Your Fast and Reliable Flea Extermination Services

If you suspect that you may have a flea infestation or you’re interested in safeguarding your home with preventative flea treatments, Apex Pest Control in Sacramento, CA, is here to assist you in keeping your home comfortable and free of these parasitic guests. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your pest control flea treatment.


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