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Pest Control for Boxelder Bugs

Does it look like the trees around your home are withering away? Are you noticing inexplicable, small, black stains on your drywall? Have you noticed little red bugs around your house? If so, you could have a boxelder bug infestation on your hands.

A boxelder bug is a small insect with red and black coloration, and they are known to invade homes in large numbers. They can be dangerous because they chew through wood and suck the sap out of trees. While they typically prefer to live outside in the warm summer months, they can invade your home in the winter months and chew through wood, possibly causing structural damage.

Here at Apex Pest Control, we have vast experience with boxelder bugs. Our team is continually trained and educated to stay up on the latest control techniques and the latest developments regarding pests in the Sacramento area. We offer our boxelder bug control service at a competitive price because we want to help protect your home and livelihood. Don’t let boxelder bugs take over your home. Call us for swift pest control solutions!

Boxelder Bugs Extermination Services in Sacramento, CA

Do You Have a Boxelder Bug Infestation?

Now that you know about the dangers that boxelder bugs pose to your home, how can you tell if you have a boxelder bug infestation? Here are some of the tell-tale signs of a boxelder bug infestation:

  • Stains – Boxelder bugs may leave small orange or brown stains where they congregate. If the infestation in your home is severe, you may start seeing these small stains on your drywall. Otherwise, they will appear in the dark, damp areas of your home.
  • Large Groupings – You may also see a large grouping of these insects in or around your home. These bugs have a red/black color.
  • Odors – If you crush what you think might be a boxelder bug and you notice a distinct odor, it most likely is a boxelder bug.
  • Buzzing Sounds – Boxelder bugs like to congregate in very large numbers. When enough of them gather, you may hear a faint buzzing sound coming from outside or inside your house.
Boxelder Bugs Pest Control Services in Sacramento, CA

Boxelder Bug Prevention Tips

There are some measures you can take to keep boxelder bugs from entering your home in the first place. Start by ensuring that the seals around your doors and windows are intact – especially before the fall and winter months. Also, make sure your door and window screens are in good condition.

If you are wondering how to get rid of boxelder bugs that are already in your home, try vacuuming them up and sealing the vacuum bag. Leave the sealed contents in the freezer overnight to kill them. Killing boxelder bugs by smashing them in your home is not advisable because the dead bodies can attract other types of insects.

If your boxelder bug infestation is severe, it’s always best to rely on our professionals. You can always count on us here at Apex Pest Control for expert pest control for boxelder bugs.

Choose Apex Pest Control

Apex Pest Control has over four decades of experience dealing with pests that are common in Northern California. We know how to get rid of them quickly, and many of our service calls are handled the same day we receive the call. For fast, reliable, and affordable boxelder bug pest control in Sacramento, CA, Contact us today!

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